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Great cars for teen and student drivers from experts at DCH Millburn Audi.

Safety and Style for Teen Drivers

What is a good first car for a teenager?”, “What is the best used car for a teenager?” These are questions posed to the sales associates at DCH Millburn Audi every day. Generally, both teenagers and parents will have some preconceived ideas as to what features they’d like to see in Audi’s teen friendly cars.

Teenagers, students, and first-time car buyers tend to want:

  • Style (sporty, cool or cute)
  • Small size (easy to manage, easy on gas)e
  • Passenger room for friends (no two-seaters)
  • Performance (big with the guys)
  • Ability to accessorize (make it look cooler and go faster)
  • Cost (must fit the budget)

Parents of teen drivers, on the other hand, place more importance on:

  • Safety (maximum protection under any conditions)
  • Economy (they think about gas mileage, even if kids don’t!)
  • Reliability (kids and parents have little time or money for repairs)
  • Insurance cost (rates for new drivers are outrageous anyway)
  • Sensible (is the car practical and useful?)
Fortunately, the characteristics that teens want and those that parents demand are not necessarily conflicting. Audi makes a number of teen friendly cars that will satisfy both parties with a minimal amount of compromise.

The Audi A4, is a perfect choice for a teen car.

Both sporty and powerful for the performance driver, yet safe and practical for the day-to-day driver, the A4 appeals to both parents and teenagers. It exudes style and sets the tone for the complete image of what and who an Audi driver is.

Audi A4 from our Audi dealer in New JerseyParents will be relieved to know that the Audi A4 is among the best cars for teen drivers due to its rating as one of the safest cars on the road today. For example, the A4 features an automatic brake disc wiping system as part of the Electronic Stabilization Program (ESP®). By gently pulsing the brakes to dissipate water buildup, the system helps the brake discs stay as dry as possible, thereby minimizing what is between the pad and the disc. If an accident does prove unavoidable, the A4 steps up to deliver state-of-the-art protection by way of a high-strength-steel body and a standard complement of six airbags, including front, side and side-curtain airbags.

Additionally, innovative technologies like available Audi side assist helps keep the driver out of harm’s way by warning of rapidly approaching vehicles from the rear as well as alerting the driver to vehicles that may be in the car’s blind spot.

Teenagers will love the A4’s Audi concert radio with SIRIUS® Satellite Radio. The A4 features the Audi Sound System with 180 watts of power and ten total speakers, including two in each door, a sub-woofer and a center fill speaker. It also offers a CD player, auxiliary input and an SD® card slot with MP3 capability. The Radio Data System (RDS ) on the color screen displays several types of FM radio information, as well as SIRIUS Satellite Radio information. And the Graduated Audio Level Adjustment (GALA) ensures optimal volume levels as cabin noise increases with speed.

Parents and teens alike will love the Audi voice command system, which can be used to operate navigation, radio and hands-free car phone functions simply by speaking the necessary commands.

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